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WARP's Strategy:

With more than 32,000 real estate agents in Singapore, how exactly do you get your message heard over the rest? Here’s how.

Strategise, Positioning and Offer Creation.


In a red ocean industry such as property where everyone pitching similar products, it’s important to identify a niche audience that you want to sell to, and identify the best way to hook them in.


Once the ideal audience pool has been identified, we scrutinised every detail of the market – identifying their core pains, their core pleasures, their dream scenarios. From our research, we derived the core persuasive elements that will push our target audience over the edge. 

– Social proof
– Ease of use
– Likeability

Offer Creation:

Armed with this knowledge that we now have, we crafted offers that encapsulates the 3 core persuasive elements –

Building an Eligibility Calculator system that more than 200+  HDB owners have used (Social proof),

To identify if they could upgrade into their dream home in 1-2 days. (Ease of use),

And wrapped it up with a full background story of our real estate partner to establish (Likeability and relatability).

With this system that fulfils all 3 core persuasive elements, we were able to generate leads at an average of $9 costs and 10 transactions.

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