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Math Accelerator Centre

Math Accelerator is Singapore's #1 PSLE Math Specialists - impacting 1000s of students to achieve their best ever results.

Over the past 14 years of teaching, Math Accelerator’s founder, Chris Siew has developed his proprietary, proven S.C.O.R.E. system to help thousands of students turn around their grades and achieve MASSIVE improvements within a short amount of time.

With Our Strategies,

We’ve achieved these results for our beloved client:

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Students Acquired
"Over the last 6 months, WARP has generated 393 qualified leads for us. The upfront sales generated is close to 10x return on our ad spend. This only includes the upfront sales value of the customers, not including future customer retention and lifetime value - so the ROI is much higher!
Chris Siew
Founder & Chief Trainer At Maths Acclerator Centre

WARP's Strategy:

How exactly do you get your message heard in Singapore’s ‘red-ocean’¬†Math tuition market? Here’s how.

Encapsulate, Position and Offer Creation.


Who EXACTLY is the audience you’re selling to? The first question any decent marketer should ask themselves before starting on ANY project. And that’s exactly what we did. We researched extensively MAC’s ideal target market – parents.¬†

Studying their pains, their dream scenario, how they communicate, their tone of language used. (Yes, we research EVERYTHING).


Pains: Parents with kids who aren’t performing in math, and their nightmare scenario is if it affects their current grade, and overall, their future.

Pleasure: Their dream scenario would be if their kids would be able to ‘turn around’ their grades, to achieve their distinction, and therefore go into a prestigious school (or at least, a school that they want to go to) that gives them a brighter future.

This dream scenario that MAC is able to accomplish for them, is backed up with strong social proof (Students have achieved consistent A1 to A2 simply by applying their system), thereby establishing a proven system.

With all the data derived from our market research, and the context from MAC’s service,

We encapsulated everything into a single positioning –

‘Math Turnaround Specialists.”

Offer Creation:

Armed with this knowledge, we strategised an offer with a low barrier of entry to remove any objections that parents might be having, which opens up to an upsell to sign up for their classes. Offering:

– Free Trial lessons

– Webinar that shows them exactly how easy Math can actually be with a proven system.

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