Leapfrogs Therapy Centre






“They went above and beyond just handling our ads online – Nick and Simon helped train my team on following up with leads as well as streamlining our sales processes.

Apart from ads and training, WARP advised us to create a brand video to create a stronger positioning as well as creating more awareness in the market.

Facilitating the entire process, from scripting all the way to post production, WARP has helped us create a strong top of funnel video that has proven to resonate with our target audience.

From the video alone, we’ve been able consistently receive 10-20 enquiries every month, even till now! (The video was launched in 2019!)

Thank you Nick and the WARP Team!”

Michelle Tham

Founder & Clinical Director
Leapfrogs Children’s Therapy Centre

The Challenges

Leapfrogs needed stronger positioning and awareness in the market – reaching out to more parents, educating them on the need to reach out to professionals if their child needs help.

Our Solution

Creating an evergreen brand video that will serve as a top of funnel to build greater awareness for Leapfrogs amongst the target market.

We also ran high qualification lead generation campaigns to gather more potential leads to a consultation.

What We’ve Done:

1. Scripted, directed and produced a strong top of funnel / evergreen brand video that has since proven to resonate strongly with the target audience (Video brings in 10-20 enquiries every month)

2. Ran end-to-end lead generation campaigns using high quality copies and ads to get potential leads to come in for consultation

Total upfront revenue generated: $72,000

ROAS: 9.7X (Exclusive of organic enquiries generated from Brand Video)