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“We engaged WARP in late 2019 as our marketing partner to help us generate leads as well as brand building for our Interior Design firm, Koze.

What really surprised us was how in-depth they went into the deep diving process, and diving deep to find out the information that only a business-owner would know.

From then on, WARP understood what we want KOZE to be known for, and it showed in their writing for the lead generation ads, but more importantly, the content pieces they’ve written for our work.

Leveraging on our designs, the WARP team wrote elaborate copies that engaged the audience, with one of our posts actually going viral – amassing over 1.1k in shares and over 13k in post engagements.

With such content pieces, it has helped KOZE in developing a strong brand presence in the market that has translated to a stable flow of customers enquiring without running any form of lead generation.

Thank you WARP Team!”

Han Yang

Founder & Interior Designer

The Challenges

K O Z E wanted a way to achieve a wide reach and develop a strong online presence without stretching their budgets.

Our Solution

To achieve both objectives at a low cost, we leveraged on WARP’s strong copywriting skills to generated a high volume of organic likes, comments and shares, achieving online virality with the post.

This, in turn, has created a organic following for K O Z E, translating to a stable flow of customers enquiring without running any form of lead generation.

The audiences that have engaged on these posts will also be leveraged on for future conversion campaigns.

What We’ve Done:

Generating Strong Engagements With Great Copy

When KOZE, an interior design firm came to us, they needed a way to achieve reach and online presence without high budgets.

With our copy and posting strategy, we helped them generate a high volume of ORGANIC likes, comments, and shares.

Essentially, we paved the way for a strong, viral post.

This creates opportunity to generate a constant flow organic likes, along with a warm pool of audience built that will have high intent which we can leverage upon for future conversion campaigns.