Lead Generation





We started working with WARP in 2020 after being recommended by one of our vendors.

Prior to this, we did not have an e-commerce platform. While we had a website with an e-store, we faced challenges with getting traffic as well as acquiring online customers as many of our existing customers are used to more traditional forms of marketing.
With the conditions caused by the pandemic, we knew that we had to digitalise our business at a faster pace – however after having spent the past decade focusing heavily on traditional marketing, it wasn’t easy to transit the business as well as our existing customers in a short period of time.

We also needed help in getting the exposure and acquiring traffic to our website and e-store.
That was when we decided that we needed assistance from a professional team that can help us achieve our goals.
Working with WARP was a joy, we genuinely felt that we could fully trust them with the setting up campaigns. The communication when going through the vetting process was smooth and professional as well.

Thanks to WARP, we’ve been able to:
1) Successfully reach out to the specific audience segment that we are targeting, and effectively convert them to our customers.

2) See a significant increase in our online sales thanks to the campaigns that were professionally set up and managed by the WARP team.
Thank you WARP!

GrandVin Pte Ltd