EduEdge GP Webinar Funnel






“Working with WARP has proved to be a refreshing mind-set shift for us as business owners.

The rewards reaped from our business partnership with WARP has been multi-fold as they tirelessly go above and beyond in their professional dealings with us.

Their deliverables are measurable and have been significantly impactful in assisting us to continually scale up.

We sincerely look forward to further strengthening our symbiotic business partnership with WARP for many years to come.”

Edwin Edangelus Cheng

Founder & Managing Director
At EduEdge English Specialists

The Challenges

EduEdge had a challenge connecting and resonating with the JC students, and wanted to find a better, more effective way of getting JC students to know EduEdge, increasing their intake by at least 4 a month.

Our Solution

WARP created and strategised an end-to-end funnel specifically targeting JC students, getting them to register for a Free Online Zoom GP Coaching Session and following up with them after the session, achieving:

What We’ve Done:

1. Crafting multiple high converting ad copies and creatives that heavily resonated with the target market.

2. Built high converting landing pages for leads to be redirected to after they clicked on the ads (16.3% conversion rate)

2. Creating Automations that will automatically confirm / remind students of the upcoming Zoom Coaching Session that they’ve registered for, increasing turn-up rate of the students (Avg 70% turn up rate from students)

4. WARP Team Members sat through the webinar, offering feedback on the execution based on our marketing expertise to improve for the next workshops.

5. Crafting a post webinar survey form and follow-up email sequences to convert the leads.

Total upfront revenue generated: $8,530.00

ROAS: 4.1X

EduEdge Lead Generation

The Challenges

EduEdge was looking into getting more qualified leads through the door for EduEdge’s Diagnostic Consult & Assessment.

Our Solution

Crafting and creating an effective and efficient funnel for the parents to sign up and easily book a consultation slot, with the help of high quality copy and creatives.

Overall ad spend: $55,700+

Sales Generated: 170+

Estimated Revenue Generated From Sales: $360,000+

What We’ve Done:

1. Crafted high quality ads and creatives to resonate with the market and getting them to take action

2. Creating Automations that will automatically confirm and remind the parents of their Diagnostic Consult slot and letting them know that they’ll be contacted by the admin team.

Total upfront revenue generated: $364,500

ROAS: 10.1x