“How much ROI can I get if I work with you guys?” 

This is one of the most common questions that business owners ask us.

After chatting with so many over the years about this, we realised that this needs to be addressed.

Over the years, business owners have been led to think about digital marketing as a magic bullet to increase ROI. 🚀

This is a big problem with the digital marketing / agency scene.

Too many “hit and run” agencies promise this, promise that, promise the world to secure deals.

“9x ROI”
“Definitely can get great results”

It’s easy to make claim like these for business owners to buy into.

Then later on… they get burnt by mismatched expectations and disappointments 😦

It’s a cycle that never seems to end.

Real life example – Last week, a new prospect was referred to us.

In my first meeting with the client, she immediately started talking about how they’d worked with 3 agencies prior to WARP.

She mentioned stuff about the agencies promising high ROI, super confident… (same story, different day.)

But in the end… results were terrible.

And when the results were terrible… what happens?

The blame game starts.

Pushing blame between agency and client.

Sound familiar? 🤦‍♂️ Not a new story.

This is not a situation that businesses should be in when you engage a marketing partner.

Here’s what business owners need to understand when speaking to marketing agencies –

If your business has an online foundation to begin with, if there was something done before, previous sales numbers, and the new agency has clear metrics to beat,

(For example, better creatives to lower costs, better copy to increase conversions.),

Yes – ROI can be projected.

This projection will be based on previous numbers, which is a solid base to work with.

However, this is not the case for many businesses out there.

If a business is just starting out online, without a strong positioning, without a strong offer, without a funnel built before –

Anyone that can confidently project ROI for you is straight up lying or pulling the number from thin air.

(Or at best, referencing the number from a similar previous client.)

In situations like this, there is deeper work that needs to be done first.

😀 The right way to look at things when spending money on online marketing –

Yes, businesses need to focus on ROI and conversions when marketing online.

After all, cash flow is crucial.

That being said, the marketing needs to be executed with the right mindset.

It’s not a magic bullet.

Here’s what we tell clients (that have nothing that worked for them before):

1) Set aside a budget for your online sales campaigns that makes sense at your current scale.

2) Have the mindset that you are testing for important data.

– Who’s the right audience that will buy from you?
– What’s the right offer that will make them feel like they’re losing out if they dont buy?
– What’s the right market-message fit that will make them need your product / service?

3) Use that data to go to the next campaign, and keep the cycle going until you find something that works.

💣 Don’t fall into the biggest trap –

Hiring an agency thinking you’re going to brute force ROI.
Turning off your campaigns later on when things aren’t working.
Repeat cycle but never get any significant results.

That is NOT how marketing works.

Whenever something works, we find the lever and double down on it.

When something doesn’t, we remove it and go to the next test.

That’s the beauty of digital marketing – Numbers never lie. 🔎

Every metric can be tracked, every lever in the campaign can be accurately tweaked.

If you do this over time, you’ll tighten the crucial metrics until one day, you’ll have a stable, converting campaign.

“But Nick, I really need to brute force sales fast – Can it be done?”

Yes, it’s possible to brute force ROI. We’ve done this time and again for clients on a tighter budget.

That being said, you need a few key elements in play.

Nailing market-message fit in your copy, having a crazy offer, and experienced marketers that know what they’re doing.

Even then, it’s not something we can actually guarantee.

I’ll talk more about brute forcing ROI and share some case studies down the road.

“Wah, this is not something that other agencies told me before.”

“Appreciate that you guys spent so much time finding out the issues and problems we’re facing before even trying to sell us anything.”

“We gave you guys the deal because you seem like you really know you’re stuff.”

These are some of the things that clients say to us at WARP.

While I appreciate that we’re being acknowledged for doing good work, it also saddens me as an agency owner that’s passionate about great marketing.

This should be the given expectation of a marketing partner.

As a marketing partner / agency, our job is to have a clear idea of the issues, challenges, and problems that businesses face in their marketing.

From there, we drill down and develop the right strategies and solutions for the business.

The WARP team never walks into a sales meeting trying to sell.

We only have 1 intention: To give insight, strategy, and guidance, and see if we can actually help the business achieve their goals.

This is why we’ve never “sold” a client.

Our clients always pick us because they trust us to deliver.

If it’s not the right fit, it’s not the right fit.

I’m proud to say that with this approach, we’ve built deep friendships and relationships with clients that last years. 🤎

Agency owners / Digital marketers – Giving a client clarity of expectations with full transparency is something that too many of us overlook as “not part of the job”.

Clients don’t know what they don’t know, and overpromising + underdelivering leads to more headaches down the road.

Let’s fight the good fight. 💪