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What’s the one idea that’s going to make people buy from you / your business?

Recently, the WARP team was chatting with a few new clients:

Client A – Runs a 7-figure wine business 🍇

Client B – Runs an audio digital product business 🎼

Client C – Runs a gym, trying to scale to 6 figures a month 🏋‍♀

Interestingly, we found ourselves having the exact same conversation with these 3 clients.

The conversation: “What’s the one idea that’s going to make people buy from you / your business?” 🧐


When these clients came to us for marketing help, they all knew they needed to build a great online sales funnel, but didn’t know where to start or what to do.

When a client comes to us in this situation – It usually means they’ve got a solid product / service, but they have no idea what direction to take in their digital marketing. 🤔

And before my team jumps into execution, before doing anything else, we first try and figure out –

“What’s the one idea that’s going to make people buy from you / your business?”

This concept is simple to understand on the surface, but hard to nail down well.

On the surface, nailing that one idea may seem like “branding”, or “positioning”.

But going deeper, what we tell clients is –

If you’re going online, and you’re in a space that’s already saturated, we’re going to need to figure out what’s the ONE thing that’s going to make people choose you over all other readily available options.

And here are some of the traps we’ve seen businesses fall into when it comes to figuring this out.

❌ Digital Marketing Trap #1 – Businesses want to say too many things online. ❌

They have different service / product offerings.

They have various benefits / strengths they want to focus on.
In the midst of trying to say everything, they end up quite lost trying to put everything together. 😰

What we tell clients is scrap that – It doesn’t really matter if you have many things you want to say.

In fact, what will make the campaign succeed might not even be one of the things you want to focus on! (More on this below)

Yes, we need to have a clear idea of all the strengths of the business or product.

Yes, these strengths will have to be highlighted and focused on in the marketing.


Beyond that… There is usually 1 main driver of successful campaigns.

1 thing that if you can make your audience believe, they will definitely buy from you.

1 idea to rule them all. 💍

So, how do businesses find this 1 idea?

The trick here…

Is actually not to focus on the business, but to do a 180 and focus on the market instead.

❌ Digital Marketing Trap #2 – Focusing on the business and not on the market ❌

What does your market REALLY want? 👀

If you can figure that out, that 1 idea is going to keep your campaign consistent.

Here are some examples:

Wine business example (Relevant for any offline product-based business)

What the client does well:

🟢 Been around for a long time

🟢 Partnered with only top vineyards

🟢 Special storage process

🟢 Great bundle prices in the premium range

✅ What the market really wanted / What made the campaign convert well:

✨ The idea that they can just pay money and not worry about anything. ✨

The market wanted to blindly, implicitly trust that the business knew their stuff when it came to wine, and could make the decision for them.

All they had to do was pay.

Ultimately, as much as the campaign did focus on credibility, exclusivity, quality, etc – These points were just to support the main idea that customers didn’t want to second guess quality, or worry about anything.

Price didn’t matter too much to them.

Many brands have similar wines.

Customers just didn’t want to have to care about these things.

🔥 The one idea that made people buy into the business was:

Trust us to make the decision for you. The best wine, the best price, the best experience, without you having to think, to worry about it.

We make your life easy, you just enjoy your fine wines, fuss-free.

Audio Digital Product business example (Relevant for any online product-based business)

What the client does well:

🟢 Highly credible in the music industry

🟢 The quality of sound and product is extremely high

🟢 Product usability is high

🟢 Great prices compared to what’s available in the market

✅ What the market really wanted / What made the campaign convert well:

✨ Immediately being able to visualise how the digital product can work for them, in the work they’re currently doing ✨

For this market, we had to reach out to home musicians, semi-pro musicians, and entry-level music producers. (Not professional yet).

To this market, what’s important is that – They wanted their music to sound unique, yet in trend at the same time, and most importantly, they wanted their tracks to sound great.

Once we uncovered this, we realised that – Hey, we shouldn’t focus too much on what we say in the copy, but instead, we should focus on showing the market how the product can be used easily, and make you sound great! 😁

What we needed was a strong product demonstration.
For the creatives, we got the client to stitch together short demo tracks that clearly demonstrated their digital product being used inside it – Letting the market know that if you buy this sound pack, you’re going to be able to achieve this immediately.

🔥 The one idea that made people buy into the business was:

You want to make great, professional sounding music, immediately, fast, even as someone with lesser experience. Listen to this, it sounds great, you can see yourself using it immediately.

Gym example (Relevant for any service-based business)

What the client does well:

🟢 Great Trainers

🟢 Top of the line equipment

🟢 Competitive Pricing

🟢 Unique Process

✅ What the market really wanted / What made the campaign convert well:

✨ The idea of feeling better / pain relief, with just a tiny bit of time investment. ✨

The audience that this gym was focusing on was the working professional, around 30-ish, that developed a lot of physical pains and limitations over the years. However, due to hectic work schedules, this market has difficulties committing to a workout plan or diet plan.

The “movement”, or idea that they had was –

Let’s not push the “fitness” agenda. Let’s not tell people they can get “ripped” or “jacked”.

Instead, let’s focus on telling people –

Over the years, your body is in bad shape due to lack of movement, bad posture, little mobility, lots of sitting down.

This is something that can be fixed with 2 x 1-hour sessions per week, and 30 mins of your own time every day. 💪

There was 1 specific market we wanted to reach out to – So we focused on solving the pain of this market (Neck / Back / Hip pain), crafted in a way that handles the objections of the market. (No time to commit, so just do 1 hour twice a week, and try to do 30 min a day.)

This helped their customers take the first step, feel better with minimal investment, and got the ball rolling for them – Which was a big challenge for the market.

Once again, even though the campaigns did focus on trainers, equipment, pricing,

🔥 The one idea that made people buy into the business was:

Use our unique process to solve your pain, and get fast relief with the bare minimum of time investments – So that you can increase performance in the demanding areas of your life.


From the examples above, the one thing that’s important is – All the ideas we implemented to scale campaigns, had a lesser focus on what the business had to offer.

Instead, we focused on what the market truly wanted, and went extremely deep into their mental thought process. 🧠

Once we found the right market – message fit, we executed the idea.

The results usually show us that we hit the nail on the head.
If we didn’t, then we go back to the drawing board and find the next idea to test.

This makes it pretty step-by-step, with a clear direction.


This conversation did not only happen with these new 3 clients.

In fact, we realised that for every client we work with, this is always the first step of execution.

We’re sharing this because we realised that for a marketing agency, we have a process we use repeatedly to grow a business online. 🚀

However, without this process, digital marketing is pretty much a big ??? for any business.

So, when we’re taking a break from client delivery, and have some spare time, we’re going to be sharing our systems, frameworks, and thought process.

At WARP, our process is always:

🔧 Groundwork (What we’ve covered today is a small part of this Phase. Not everything, just a small part.)
📍 Overall Strategy to hit KPI’s
⚙ Funnel Building
📊 Ad Testing

Will break down some of the other Phases in the following weeks.

Hope this helps a business owner or two out there.

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