The get-your-hands-dirty part of Digital Marketing businesses miss out: Customer follow up.

When talking about online marketing, businesses and marketers tend to focus on Ads. Facebook. Google. YouTube. Landing Pages.

Many overlook the fact that following up with your leads well is a crucial part of a well-built funnel, and is a big driver of profits.

Good follow-up on the back-end could mean the difference between a winning funnel and an average one.

For businesses that achieve decent results online, vs those that achieve massive results online, we find that there’s usually a big difference in their follow up process.

Doesn’t matter if you’re selling products, or generating leads online –

Getting customers into a solid email sequence, re-engaging them, squeezing a warm list, is where the money is.

On top of emails -> Well crafted WhatsApp / messenger / SMS sequences, call scripts, should be focused on when building a funnel.

These parts of building a funnel require you to “get your hands dirty” and constantly find ways to resonate with and engage customers.

It’s also commonly overlooked when talking about “Digital Marketing”.

Remember that:

1) Follow up is part of an online funnel – Don’t miss it out and fall into the trap of only focusing on campaigns.

2) Digital Marketing, fundamentally, is selling online. Offline sales psychology and sales techniques still apply.

When crafting your online marketing funnel, don’t forget to plan your follow up – That’s also where the money is.